Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Return to Poetry

The descent into poetry
spelunking into a cave-
the Allegory of which
brings some macbre sense of freedom.

Plato was right
about all those fucking Forms-
they are that without which a thing
would not be the kind of thing it is.

But above the surface of the Earth
Nobody heard him, the dead man-
Like Stevie, I was much too far out
And not waving but drowning.

If the very nature of knowledge changes,
at the time when the change occurs
there will be no knowledge
-That fucking Plato.

All I want is The Missing Piece
Maybe I am too hungry-
The piece hiding
So I must keep rolling.

Into Nick Flynn's Empty Town
I find Jesus, naked and thorned-
his heart on fire, screaming,
Look what I did for you.

Touch one strand
the whole web trembles-
As in Schrodinger's theory of Entanglement
or maybe Rae Armantrout's.

If this world really is made up
of collisions or collapses-
Who the fuck is driving?
And what if we reach Ruskin's Bridge to Nowhere?

I wish I had been like Alice
reminding the White Queen
I can't go straight, you know,
if you pin it all on one side.

I was not exchanged in the cradle
but no one knows my name
Like Stafford's Story That Could Be True,
Maybe I'm a king.


daleboca said...

So happy that you are back. I missed my favorite blogger and I was getting violent with the Park Slope Food Coop!

Carmen said...

this is a nice one! i love the missing piece. i read it to the big kids at bt the other day.