Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Letter To The Park Slope Food Co-Op

Dear Park Slope Food Co Op,

You win. After debating whether or not I should quit you last night, because I am pissed that I owe two make-ups and have another regular volunteer shift next week and my time is absolutely priceless, I begrudgingly went...but I am glad taht I did. While working, I bought the following:
Goat Cheese
Soft imported Italian cheese I can't spell that last week Mike and I paid three times as much for
a loaf of bread.
carr crackers
seaweed crackers
a bunch of beautiful bananas
No Nitrates salami
kidney beans
black beans
a bag of salt & vinegar kettle potato chips
baby carrots
a dozen cage free, no hormone, organic, no antibiotic, blah blah blah eggs
all for $25.
I know. I know. So I guess I will suck it up and put down my work and for 2 hours and 45 minutes give back to the "community" with my priceless time. I still think you are making out better on the deal.


A Defeated Member

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Carmen said...

or you can get a tasty burger from mcdonalds for 99c....decisions, decisions