Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a letter to the daughter on the brooklyn bound F train

When you turn 18, don't look back.
The place that you go to when she's screaming at you, humiliating you, stripping you of all your dignity in front of a train full of passengers, write that place down somewhere.
You are beautiful.
Your mother is afraid of you.
Don't give in to her anger, ever.
There will come a day when you might find yourself unjustly angry at someone who does not deserve it; Remember who the true owner of that anger is.
If you're going to cry, let her see your tears. Let her scream some more. Let her feel like the monster she is.
Go home and love yourself.
Pick your head up. Everything lies ahead, and one day her voice will be nothing more than an echo lost among the subway tracks.

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