Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bridge to nowhere

three years ago i hiked five miles into a desert in the blazing heat in azusa, california
i tied myself to a bungee and lept off the bridge to nowhere before the group finished saying
"one, two, three, bungee"
the first few seconds were the most free i have ever felt
but as the ground came soaring at me, i began to scream for my life
no longer trusting the rope to save me from crashing into the rocks
but just as the thought entered my mind that this may be it
the rope snatched me from my death, whipping me back into the air
as i dangled underneath a bridge to nowhere
my body swung violently from side to side
and i screamed again thinking i was going to crash into the walls along the side
but i didn't crash
and the ground never came
i was hoisted back up the bridge
and hiked five miles out of the desert in the dark without a flashlight.
i like it when out of nowhere i remind myself of myself
and while i may now see that as stupid, a needless risk, i like that i have had that experience
a sweet encouragement of just how stupidly courageous i can be
i don't need a countdown to know when its time to fly
and i damn sure don't need a flashlight when i've hiked the path before
all i need is the reminder that i have it in me.