Friday, February 19, 2010

one is the loneliest number

dear rewind revise blog,

don't worry. i did not forget you. i am just really excited about my new blog with vio, a film blog called . You may have heard of it. Anyway, I just want you to know that I still love blogging on you, but it is nice to have a blog that has a specific subject, posts that i can assign myself and more debate and conversation. comments is the key word here. you will always be my first blog love and you will continue to be my writing outlet for all the rants and heavy things i need to express to the wonderful anonymous world of cyberspace. i started you as an exercise in accountabilty, a personal demand to ensure i wrote everyday. i have slipped away from that a little, but i don't want you to worry. i'm still here! even if is more fun right now, you are the first love that can never be replaced. thanks for the blogging memories and the future non-film ones to come.



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daleboca said...

jew crack me up. i have been feeling sad that rewind revise was on hiatus (even if just for a few days). i love the new blog, who for me, is a first love, and i am so happy to be doing it with you!