Thursday, February 11, 2010

i don't hate women

so after my last rant
i was oddly corrected by, oh, i don't know, lets say the universe
today i wrote emails back and forth with carmen and felt sad and perhaps a little jealous that she will be leaving for so long soon
i made plans to develop a story with carmen over the summer
i made plans with tara to listen to some stories
i made plans with isabel to listen to some stories
i had a class with vio followed by some talk for our new blog (coming soon...)
and then i had a wonderful long phone call with my friend in new orleans, lindsay
we talked a lot about stories.
the day was filled with connecting with strong, interesting and smart women
all of whom i keep near and dear to my heart, and talking about the thing i love most in this world
and i realized these are my girlfriends
i actually have girlfriends
and that as much as i feel more comfortable with men
the people who really know me in this world are my girlfriends
(and mike and my brother and father of course)
the point is, i don't hate women
in fact some of the people i love the most in the world are women
maybe i am mistaking hate with mistrust, mistrust with uncomfortable
or maybe i was really that annoyed with those particular women
or maybe, i just have my period.

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tara said...

:) we love you too.