Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the art of storytelling

the best way to see if you are telling a story is to say it aloud and perform it
i went to the moth monday night which is probably part of the reason i am sick in bed today
but it was worth it
i think i found my niche
its better than stand up because the success of the performance is not based on laughter
there's no one standing up there picking on audience members
and there is no one up there completely bombing
when you tell a story, there is something raw, universal and humanistic that connects with the audience immediately
there is something inherently supportive in it
the stories all have a natural humor and power to them.
there is something stripping about the stage.
anyhow, for anyone who reads this, we ended up sitting with morgot leitman, who won the slam last week. i know her as a substitute teacher at vcs. and margot's friend Nick won the slam on monday with an awesome story-powerful, moving, funny
when the podcast gets up check out "Winter" at the Southpaw in Brooklyn


Carmen said...

i have meaning to go! and i had a feeling margot would be good at what she does - stad-up as well, no? tell me next time you go!

tara said...

i know margot!