Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or treat?

"Man...this is the one night of the year where ladies unleash."
"And they unleash," I say with a wide-eyed all knowing smirk.
He laughs, "That ain't no costume, man."
He glances towards the 20th playboy bunny of the night as she drunkenly girates her hips on the corner. She is with no one but I assume she is putting on a show for the line of festive party-goers across the street.
there was a time where i wanted to be sexy on Halloween because it was the one night i felt i could fully exploit all my feminity without being judged. namely without being judged by myself.
there was a certain excitement in seeing your full potential and then going overboard just to see how far you could push it.
Or perhaps it was the one night where I could say, unabashedly, "Look at me."
My days as a sexy Halloween costume "wearer" were short-lived once I realized I didn't like the type of attention it attracted.
While it is nice to be called "hot," It is never nice to be treated like an object, at least not for me.
But to all those sexy Halloween costume wearers, i truly hope they all had a night where they could really unleash and satisfy whatever need that is that stays tightly tucked away for the other 364 days a year.

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