Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Americans

The Trolley-Photograph by Robert Frank, 1955.
Tonight I went and saw An American Journey with Mike at the Film Forum. A French director went to the places in America where Robert Frank took his pictures for his Guggenheim funded book The Americans. The film made me nostalgic and inspired and reminded me of my own cross country documentary road trip called Dear America. It also made me want to go back in and re-cut the film and part of me wished I could back to some of those places with Carmen and do them over. Part of me wished we'd had turned the cameras more on ourselves and in moments where we were vulnerable. It made me think that one day I would go back and maybe revisit Dear America and all of the people and places that were a part of it. At the beginning of the documentary, a guy came on and said that Robert Frank had passion and purpose. To be a great artist you must have both passion and purpose. Passion and Purpose.


Carmen said...

i was just thinking of our movie!! it would be awesome to do it again

linzer said...

yes so true!
maybe if you return to it now you will see it with new eyes or maybe you will return to it in a not literal way or maybe you should write about it, a nonfiction piece about your doc?!

that said, if you go on the road again--you better pick me up in NOLA!!!! :)