Sunday, September 13, 2009

bath time

i have a cold and it won't let me stop sneezing
i want to scratch my ears out and my throat feels like it is pulsating
i decide to take a bath for the first time in my new apartment
as i looked up at the ceiling of my bathroom, I was struck by just how much space there was
I thought, wow, I have such high ceilings and then i realized that i was taking a bath in my own new york apartment
sometimes i think i spend so much time figuring out what i want for my future and how to get it
that i forget to stop and acknowledge what i've already accomplished
i always dreamed about living in new york in a cute apartment
and not only do i have that but i live with a man who can fix, rig, and create any amount of space we think of
and my apartment is cute. its really cute
and its clean
i don't have a roach or rat infestation or mildew or mold collecting in the ceilings
so for today i think i can tell myself well done and give it a rest.

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