Thursday, July 23, 2009

what's in a style?

have you ever gotten to work or perhaps arrived at a bar to meet a friend
or hell, even a date and caught a more accurate glance at just what the hell you had decided to wear before stepping out of your apartment?
today i had one of these style crisis moments.
while a worn out purple tee shirt bought at target several years ago
(and yes i am aware that target clothing has more of a "couple months" shelf life)
matched with hand-me-down gray capris,
black ped socks and blue converse seemed like an okay, comfortable idea at eight in the morning
it became a disaster by nine o'clock
especially since i decided to pack my light gray cardigan with rainbow stripes as the sweater i would wear at work because the air conditioner is sub-zero
and yes, i am wearing a v-neck sweater over a high collared tee shirt.
my hair reveals roots now an inch long and a haircut that is neither here nor there.
I decided on a pony-tail that resembles more of a half-up, half down early nineties look
but, hey, i got silver hoop earrings...
does that count for anything??
i think the negatives outweigh the positives in this style match-up
or rather style mis-match-up
i need to shop for clothes after work today for my vacation but the thought of walking into any retail place dressed like this makes me cringe just a little.
at the same time, i am sure there will be lots of people dying to help me correct this situation.
i have a friend who has a blog where she posts "gratuitous outfit" posts
she is incredibly stylish, has hundreds of followers and i'm sure
saves many a lady from black socks and blue converse.
maybe i should start a list of "if you are dressed like this, turn back around and do some more closet digging" posts
the thing is, while i wish i could be incredibly fashionable
my interest in fashion goes about as far as my interest in algebra
as a kid, i vintaged shop as way of rejecting the clothes that pretty rich girls had
i called them names like "conformists" and "posers"
and then vintage shopping became cool
like all things
-the counter culture becomes the pop-culture-
and now i am amiss at what exactly my style is
caught somewhere in between bohemian, hippie, outdoors, and yet somewhat conservative
i guess the only way to look at it with complete and assured confidence
that whatever disaster i might be wearing is exactly what i should be wearing.

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