Tuesday, June 23, 2009

why i play

for the love of it
the sport of it
the smell of sweat and the taste of blood
to see how much i can take
to see how i pick myself up and do it again
to remember my family
to remember what my brother and i survived and honor how we did it
to connect everything inside and outside of me in an hour put aside where all i think about is exactly what is before me
to laugh
to cry
to scream
and laugh again
to keep moving forward
to fulfill something that immediately goes missing again once i step off that field
to run myself ragged just like i did as a kid, with bruises and scrapes and sore muscles
and then see if i can do it just a little while longer
to play with people who in those moments are my true best friends because we all are working towards the same thing, we all are loving the same challenge
i play for me and for the feeling it gives me, good and bad
and for the beat my heart skips when the kick off whistle blows
i play for all the same reasons i did when i first started and something about that makes me feel just a tiny bit closer to home.

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