Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Letter To The Oppressed:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Do not fear the hate in the world. We have a light that even for those who refuse to open their eyes to it, we can all feel the power of its glow.
Do not fear the obstacles we have faced and will continue to face, because never in United States History has a civil rights movement lost to its oppressors.
Do not fear the naysayers. They are the ones that need the most love of all.
Do not hate the hateful for their fear is more imprisoning than any propositions they impose on us.
Do not go gently for the fight has only begun and you can't stop a moving train.
Do not weep because we need your voices to be as loud and bold as ever.
Do not lose hope because it is the most powerful tool we have.
Be brave, brothers and sisters.
We have only just begun.