Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dare i say "spring"

it is finally starting to warm up here
which means i am finally starting to mellow out
i had underestimated how great weather affects me...effects or affects?
i think either might work
the tree in our backyard has some tiny white buds on it
and i can finally go outside in a fleece rather than a down comforter
for spring break, i decided to stay home for a week which has turned out to be a good decision
it also turns out to be my only option since i learned that i had $40 for the week
note to self: don't ever buy $100 vespa raffle tickets. you won't win.
note to self: look for a different insurance plan if possible.
i spent over $125 on prescriptions alone this month. what gives blue cross?
despite my financial troubles, or really my troubles at understanding money, my money in particular, i am happy to have a week by myself.
mike is working, i have no car, so i must depend on my legs or a taxi service to get to where i want and there is something very liberating about that.
i feel like i am truly resting, and more importantly relaxing, something mike has been grateful more
"you're smiling more," he said to me last night.
it made me wish i could get to this state more often, if not for me than for him
i found all these old pictures of us from our first round of dating and was filled with this gratitude that we actually had come back together even after all the shit we went through
it made me remember how special this is and i found myself in complete awe of him again.
he really floats my boat.
on to reading now, vacation awaits.

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