Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My friend, Tara.

am I too late?
has the moment passed?
or can i still write about the Inauguration day a month later?
can i at least write about Tara?
'Cause that is what I really want to write about anyway.
My friend Tara.
Tara and I met my freshman year of college at LMU.
The fact that we are still friends is probably more significant than any other friendship I have because by all means we shouldn't be.
At LMU, my roommate had told everyone in our suite that I had stolen a sweatshirt of hers, a gray Abercrombie hoodie, which I wore everyday.
every time i entered the dorm, i heard whispers, and got stared down.
it was miserable and i hated them all
until finally one night, tara came out into the communal living room where i was all alone, friendless.
she told me what my roommate had been saying
and i flipped out and said that she was a liar
my aunt, Rose, had given me this sweatshirt and left it for me on my chair when she moved me in to my dorm.
Tara was appalled and the two of us became best buds
We bonded over our hatred of everyone else in the suite and played pranks on all of them and made fun of them at every chance we could.
For years, we would roll our eyes at these stupid mean girls.
not too long ago, my Aunt Rose and I were talking about the day she moved me in and i asked her about he gray hoodie she got me.
"I never went to Abercrombie & Fitch for you. I went to Macy's."
And that's when I realized that Tara and I were the mean girls!
We were the Lemons that return to our high school reunion and realize we were the bullies!
I shared this with Tara the other night and we laughed until our sides hurt.
Over the years we have rarely been on the same coast.
Constantly missing each other with our big life moves.
But for now, we are both here, in New York City.
And it feels right and I am so grateful for this friend.
Tara was there through times I am convinced she saved my life or my sanity.
Are they not kind of the same thing?
It made sense that Tara and I would make that crazy whirlwind trip to DC together.
We became a part of history together but I suppose in our own rights, we had already done that.
After we cheered with the people near the Washington Monument, we (along with Mike) held on tight to each other as we tried to escape the densely packed crowd.
There were times when perhaps one of us could have advanced if we had left the other behind, but we never lost sight of each other.
Finally when we got through the crowd and there was a break, we parted ways, her to fly home, Mike and I to take a train.
She disappeared into the crowd and I was reminded of what a special friendship we have.

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