Friday, January 9, 2009

a visit from the 818

"do you love your life? you love your life."
the valley dialogue is a dialogue within itself.
to know it is to love it.
to speak it is to understand it.
"how was the flight? Did you get your own tv screen?"
"I flew on miles. I'm lucky the plane had wings."
the drive home is full of run on sentences, sarcasm and laughter
we talk in tones and references and metaphors
switching from high pitched excitement to the LA droll in the back of our throats
our valley childhoods, our LA life, our hollywood wisdom manifests in our speech
sharp, happy, cynical, funny, and don't forget the wit
i can't explain how amazing it felt to reconnect with this fellow valley girl
and also to get to share a part of my life with someone from home
she is the first person from home that has seen it
and she is the perfect person to have seen it
"so nice seeing you, linds"
we squeeze goodbye and i am reminded of how i miss being called "linds"
she will do great things and i will be happy to pay $15 to see her movies in the future.

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