Saturday, January 31, 2009

"its been a long time, now i'm..."

"coming back home."
so in my last blog i wrote suggesting i would add more later and then i disappeared.
well, i got sick again...and then again...
i keep asking myself why i keep getting sick
perhaps it is because i work at an elementary school
perhaps because i take at least six trains a day
perhaps it is because i am not getting enough sleep
or perhaps it is because i am willing to stand out in the freezing cold for an entire day
running myself ragged
perhaps it is because i cannot say "no" to work or extra-curricular activities
perhaps it is the winter slowly crushing my southern californian immune system
lack of viatamin d?
i am at a loss
but i am tired of crying about it.
i will make a doctor's appointment (even though i already tried and he did not call me back)
i will take it a little more easy
and i will keep my spirits up!!
(or at least try)
and when i feel some more energy i will write my own inauguration ballad.

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The818 said...

for a second, I thought this was a picture of a home pregnancy test. gave me a jolt!