Monday, January 5, 2009

facebook spy

i have decided that facebook is a writer's paradise
it is voyeur heaven
you can spy on all the people you don't really care about
and yet care enough to see them in these permanent snapshots
high school friends i will probably never speak to again
and yet i am curious if they got fat, or sober, or married
i can flip through the photos of childhood friends
and see just how different our lives really have turned out
and are still turning, for that matter
these web albums give an abundant amount of stories, characters, plot twists
its like watching the reality tv version of a photographic shakespeare play out
a cross between the oc and beverly hills 90210, mix in a little reality bites and pop the popcorn
entertainment for hours
in so many ways, it seems as though nothing has changed with a group of 20 of them
and yet it must be different...right?
i never have to go to a high school reunion, not that i have any interest in ever doing so,
but facebook has freed us (though maybe shamefully) from these curiosities
and saved everyone money
so let the spying continue...

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