Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a roundup of 2008

where do i begin....
ringing in last new year in boulder, colorado with triple trouble, my best friend and my love
learning that $90 for an open bar is not a deal
an emotional breakdown with my boss of a year and half
declaring myself a writer, quitting my job and letting go of hollywood and a useless ego
my blog and facebook
a valentines day visit
a plan to move back east
a younger sister
a party at the Spanish Kitchen where I am most surprised by the visit of an old college friend
he tells me not to get too comfortable in jersey
comfortable but not too comfortable
a drive across the country
snowboarding the bowl in Aspen
a hospital visit in boulder
creating a home with Mike and doing it for real this time...and man, is it real
acquiring a part time job in script reading
An awesome soccer team
New Orleans Jazz Fest
Dancing to Stevie Wonder in the rain
a job at a school in Greenwich Village
daily visits with Carmen
lots of train rides
Two canoes
Reconnecting with friends in Vermont
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
aruba & mike's family
An older sister
Game night
Dare I say, poker???
A surprise birthday party all for me!!!
writing...a lot
a visit to Imagine
a friendship with my old boss
teach for america...or grad school
grad school
gotham writers
registering voters in Pennsylvania
a new friendship with a sassy woman from queens
and another friendship with a smart ass from highland park, nj
seeing Obama speak in the rain in a run down town in Pennsylvania
reconnecting with Lindsay and establishing a writing group
a hairline fracture on my rib
more visits to the hospital
a cough but the will to beat it without antibiotics
i win
a bottle of wine with Tara
and a warmer heart
lots of books
new music
enjoying films as an audience member and not someone who works in the entertainment business
a visit home where i recognize my own growth first
an appreciation for my home in Jersey and my life with Mike
new york.....
and my heart sings.
Thank You.

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