Monday, December 15, 2008

cleaning house

this weekend, i cleaned house.
starting with a long overdue talk with a friend who is a shark by nature, artist by heart,
and a poet in her soul
we talk about the missing piece
and i realize that too long a part from her makes her my missing piece
it was nice to find it for a night
i party with friends and with people i judge
and yet we all manage to have a great time
a friend of mine tells me the importance of keeping friends in check
and so i attempt to put him in check
and he deflects my questions but in an entertaining way so we all laugh
i ask him if he is happy
he says no in a sobering moment that is quickly swallowed up by his stand-up routine
and the night rolls on...
on saturday, i do laundry and organize and make mix cds for a special cousin
and on sunday, mike, toast and i decide to clean house
we throw away pieces of people that left long ago and
for the day i feel just a little bit clearer.

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