Thursday, November 6, 2008

the one within me

a conversation from two days ago:
"i just can't wait for it to be over."
"what will the media do?"
"i don't know."
today when signing on to my email a news headline reads
"Another Casualty on Dancing With The Stars"
and i have to laugh that it seems as if things are "back to normal"
i cringe at the phrase
and yet i know that things are different
there is a clarity that was not there before
there is hope
there is positivity and the feeling that maybe i can make that difference that i've been trying to figure out for years
when i stepped out of college, the world was not my oyster
it was foggy, scary, directionless
we basically had a syndicated crime organization running the country
terrorist alerts
a new uproar of racism and a continual wave of panic rolling beneath the country
the years got worse
the wars got bloodier
hurricane katrina drowned new orleans as our president watched it on tv for three days
i was continually at a loss for how bad things were and yet i felt like i couldn't stop it
the election of barack obama was more than historical
for me, it was an answer, a relief for the soul, an awe-inspiring moment,
it was a vision of a true leader and a people
that were no longer apathetic as i had once concluded
it was a reassurance in the good of people and a newfound strength in a country
and most of all myself
i still do not have the answers for what my path will be,
but the days are starting on a positive note now rather than a numbing suffocating one
and i feel like maybe with the constant vision of a true leader before me
i just might find the one within me.


daleboca said...

thank you for articulating what so many of us unfamiliar lightness and desire to believe in our leader and in the power of voting and change. i am ready for your film about youth and obama.

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

thanks for posting! no one ever really posts and its so nice to get a response. glad you are ready for the film about youth and obama. the wheels are turning : )