Sunday, November 9, 2008

a letter to the mormon and catholic churches,

perhaps if you spent less time focusing on repressing gay rights
you would have more time to spread the messages of "love"
that are supposed to be at the foundations of your religion
perhaps if you stopped worrying about gay marriage
you could focus on all of the failing marriages of your parishioners
or all of the sexually deviant priests that you have silently protected under the cloak of "godliness"
perhaps if you led your lives with love in your heart
the notion of same sex marriages would cease to be so frightening
and maybe, just maybe, all that money you funneled into advertising to pass Prop 8 in California could have been used to feed the homeless, donated to a children's charity or research for cancer
maybe if you focused on all the good you could do rather than stopping two people who love each other from saying, "i do," the world could become a better place
and all those said christian values that you teach your children could
actually be put into practice and we could all do unto others as we would have done unto us.


a retired catholic
renewed spirit

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