Thursday, November 27, 2008

give thanks

I send out a text message that reads: "Happy thanksgiVing!"
I rarely send out a mass text message, in fact this is one of two times but I wanted to wish all the people I was thankful for a happy day.
I get a colorful array of responses.
A couple "gobble gobbles"
A few "You too"
A couple "You too...who is this?"
and one that says "Ving, Ving to you, too."
I don't get it at first and then realize it is in reference to the large "V" i accidentally typed in my "Happy thanksgiVing" message.
I laugh and am thankful for all of these strange people.
another message comes through
"don't puke on tofurkey."
this year, i am really thankful for my friends.

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