Sunday, October 26, 2008

the afterglow

he dresses in sleeping beauty gowns
snow white lace
lipstick upon his face
and his mother tells her "we'll be lucky if he's gay."
he finds the joy of silk through the sense of touch on his body
he is exquisite in his cinderella tiara
dancing to the beat of his own playskool drum in his babysitter's platform heels.
there was a time when pink and blue were just colors.
shades of the rainbow
not the definition of which side you stood on it.
his father does the best he can to feign fright
when the babysitter brings another disney princess dress for the boy.
the boy squeals with delight
and the babysitter turns to the father and says, "at least it's blue."
there is humility in her words and love in her voice
and for the first time the father realizes his choice
to do away with the colors pink and blue and decide to live life in the glow of the rainbow.

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