Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the boxer

"i'm tired of trying to be an adult," she says. "i'm no good at it."
on the phone he will tell her that she has been an adult since she was ten.
"yeah...but i think it got a lot harder when i hit 25."
he tells her to try to let her life settle
that if her life isn't chaotic she goes looking for it
she hates these words, but knows there is some truth in it
she will look on a website that has a checklist
at the end it informs her that if she has checked yes to any of the questions, this website might help
she has checked yes to all but one or two
is this the moment of letting go?
or will she still see it as defeat?
fighting the fight that no one is around for
not even lights or an av system
no fans in the crowd
no ticket sellers at the door
no one in the ring besides herself
perhaps, it is time to put the gloves down.

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