Tuesday, July 22, 2008

romantic notions

she walks through a garden of pleasantries and smiles
looking for mine fields underneath the roses
her feet are bloody with blisters earned from hard-trekked miles
a time bomb of rage ruefully ticking while all the while she composes-
her last sonnet to the age of innocence

she wonders about the places she's been and the places in between
her current place nameless to date
with a file name as yet to be seen
and a laundry list of withering excuses to compensate-
her realization of self-compromise yet again

the idea of partnership veiled with clever euphemisms and romantic notions
always seems to disappoint when stripped bare
just two bodies on separate stages pretending to go through the motions
of what they think is an adult lovers' fare

how darling they are in the eyes of their imaginary audience
applauding their raucous performance and fraudulent fanfare
dancing in mine fields dressed as gardens
sipping tea laced with arsenic and mint.

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