Monday, June 30, 2008

a space

there is a space that exists that holds our memories up with scotch tape and push pins
and carries our history with brightly painted shelves, just perfect for a wrestling ring
there is a space where the aroma of coffee perfumes our quiet breakfast table
and a space where marigolds can relive and love can be reborn time and time again
there is a space where whispers land on ears like gospels
and a laugh can vibrate between the bodies of two
there is a space that can exist on either coast and in all of the places in between
but will always be extra special in the state of New Jersey
there is a space where "i love you" never tires
and a look says more than either of them could begin to explain
there is a space where a thank you just doesn't quite do justice
for the way one life collides with another to create something intangible that no one else can touch.
there is a space that floats gently in the world with the fiercest of grips and it possesses a stregth to withhold one thousand storms.
it is a beautiful space with a garden full of tomatos and chives and thyme
and it makes for two amazing cooks.

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