Sunday, June 1, 2008

i want to linger...

a little longer...
a little longer here with you...
campfire side
right side of life.
and we laugh and we sing and dance like hippies under a moonless sky but the stars are shooting and so are we-
aiming for what we think is right but hoping for happiness in the end cause that's all that really matters.
the sky breaks and we sit in the rain, singing songs about sunshine until we will the clouds away,
or at least in our heads.
we share stories and make stories, clasping moments in this vortex of time to tuck away in our pockets and walk away with,
until a day falls dark and we need to unbutton those treasure chests.
"what are you working on?" and "how's the writing going?"
"what do you do?" what is your worth? what is your value? what is your use to me?
and i am reminded of why i love this place and these people so incredibly much.
they see me for whats inside my heart
not in my wallet
and leaving this place has always been a heartbreak i am glad to relive because the affair is worth it.
here, i am a writer. he is a musician. she is a dancer. he is a photographer. she is a poet.
we are respected and loved and missed. we are forever a part of this nomadic family that will always come together when the stars align.
i miss these pieces of my heart strewn about the world, but at least we get to reconnect at least for a night or even a moment and in a way,
i am rejuvenated on a level i have no words for.
i feel open.
i feel courageous.
i feel me.

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