Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the discovery of friend's blog

tonight i accidentally found the link to a blog of a friend i have known forever
its kind of hard to call her my friend because i have always considered her younger brother a close friend" and she was and is the older sister.
i have a lot of love for her and still will call her my friend, but i guess for both of these people
(her and her brother)
they exist in this completely other category devoid of labels
they exist in the places where we grew up and they are first hand witnesses to each other's ever evolving puberty
we are heartbreak children, with one parent and one bedroom apartments but don't think for a second you're going to pull anything past us because we are some tough motha#$%^&*!
but most of all we all come equipped with this wicked sense of humor that sometimes i think only we really get.
i was glad to see her amazing creative blog but i also felt like i couldn't really read it without letting her know.
i am homesick.

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