Tuesday, June 10, 2008

butterflies contd...

i feel like i may have already used the title "butterflies" on a former blog
hence the title of this blog
i feel like a love struck pup or some silly schoolgirl but the only thing i felt i wanted to write about today, was the feeling i get when i step out of the car in the morning and i see his face one last time before 5:30pm and how my stomach still turns when he smiles at me
and yes, i know, i wrote about him yesterday and he has gained quite a collection of blogs about him
but, i think i am still in a constant state of surprise in how someone can affect me so much
how one person can physcially affect me by their presence alone or a simple smile
it amazes me how open we were to each other and how we both just trusted an impulse, or rather a gut feeling and here we are not even a year later and he's dropping me off at the train station in new brunswick every morning at 6:15am and i'm rushing to catch the 4:52 NJ Transit train to Jersey Ave every day
and we're shaving mohawks and buying exercise equipment and making dinners and finding respect for a cup of french press coffee
we are collecting netflix and adding extra salt to our popcorn and pretending we both have a garden though i have to admit its more his than ours
and we are laughing and sweating profusely on a dock, getting drunk off two beers
and we are driving home from my soccer game on friday night, exhausted, but not exhausted enough to skip a slice of pizza.
sometimes i freeze, physically and mentally and i just feel how happy i am
and it makes me proud that we both worked so damn hard to get here and proud to see how much it was worth it.

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