Monday, June 9, 2008


big brown curls drop into an oversized bathroom trash can
"maybe, i'll do a mohawk."
within minutes we are there.
me straightening the lines of his mohawk
and him with the strip of curls running down the middle of his head
he laughs at himself
we laugh together
"i think it looks cool."
"my mom's gonna kill me."
we laugh some more.
"i bet you shave it off by tomorrow."
"we'll see."
tomorrow comes and goes and i have to admit, the haircut has grown on me considerably
"you look like a punk rocker with your pierced nipples and mohawk."
he knows this and gets a kick out of it.
we talk about the different ways he will have to respond to people's reactions now with this new image
i think we end on something like, "have a good day. Fuck off." or something like that.
we agree to go to sleep after an amazing day and an even more amazing night
and when we both turn to our right side and fit together like a puzzle
i can't help but thank the universe for placing this amazing and talented and funny and loving and generally indescribable person in my life. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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