Thursday, May 8, 2008

there's a ribbon in the sky

the ladies begin their harmony, too quiet at first.
but as the sky opens up so do their voices
kind of like a deflowering of the soul
the men harmonize bringing a much needed bass to the angelic choir
and we are making music, we are music.
it begins to rain, hard and fast, like a purging of fears, doubts, and sorrows
for this moment, this crowd is one, brought together by a love that words were not made for.
the keys jam on and the genius behind them takes the cacophony of voices, rain and music and guides it to a place where no one here will ever forget this moment.
he has created a memory that thousands of people will talk about for years and with that he has made the world that much better, that much more whole, that much more loving.
at the end of the show, a festival organizer comes out and preaches to the angels,
"you have just been baptized by stevie wonder." and while that sentence is beautiful, it seems to me that this is one particular case where words were not needed.

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