Thursday, April 3, 2008

40 Minutes

Yesterday I went on my first run in months. I did not get very far and ultimately was disappointed with myself. So, today I brought out my iPod, put on my favorite workout mix and went for it. I got a lot further than the last run and ended up lasting for forty minutes. My legs hurt and I am terribly out of shape but I felt good.
I felt capable.
I felt free.
There's a lot of time that happens in forty minutes. I hope to get to sixty soon. Who knows what twenty more minutes could do?
I took a writing class in college that required us to go to the gym.
The professor insisted that in order to be truly creative you need to unleash some endorphins.
Looking back she was probably trying to ward off any eager wanna be writers aching at the chance to wallow in self-inflicted depression.
But either way, it was clever and I think there was something behind it.
Next step: a job.
Next step: discipline.
So much to learn.

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