Sunday, March 2, 2008


on saturday i woke up outrageously early to drive with my dad and brother up to palm springs to visit my grandmother and her brother and sister in law.
i have always enjoyed being in the company of grandparents.
i always feel wiser even if the conversation isn't anything in particular.
my grandmother has never been one for exercise and has had both knees replaced. it is difficult for her to get around and it set a bit of a sad tone. 
on the other hand, her older brother mike was so full of life.
he walks three miles everyday. he was walking faster than all of us and the guy is at least 80.
i started to see the importance of really taking care of your body. 
i don't want to ever be limited because i didn't pay attention when i should have. 
i feel like i keep putting off a healthy diet and exercise until i have the time to do it. but its about making the time, right?
i started to feel extremely lazy...a little ashamed....but excited by the idea of changing yet another facet of my life.
if i can just get through a few more weeks...

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