Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my mountain

last night my dad asked me to go to a meeting he was leading
he asked me to come for support which i understood as a way to get me to one of these things.
but i go and it is a lot bigger than the ones i've been to in the past.
he starts to give his 7 minute share and i feel myself getting choked up. 
he talks about losing tom. he talks about getting altitude sickness and having to find the trail in the dark and he talks about the guy in his group who ignored my dad's warnings and died in his sleep. he talks about how when he was hiking in the dark a thought came to him. 
"what are people going to think when i tell them i didn't make the summit?" and it occurs to him that he doesn't see any of those people around walking this mountain with him.
the same way he is not on their mountain.
i am humbled.
he ends his share with the question: what do you want?
and more and more hands start to go up. 
share by share, this beautiful cacophony of life and humanity, humility and pain, grief and joy,
tears, laughs, and most importantly presence. everyone there is in the moment.  
i start to really listen and there is a part of me that thinks i might just give this a try.
the pursuit of serenity is looking pretty damn appealing.

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