Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a flagrant misinterpretation

friday night i did not blog
i was too busy arguing with bricks.
while he sat there, eyes glazed and started yelling at me exactly two minutes after he asked me not to get emotional, he started in on a transparent attack sparked by what I assume was his own guilt for just how shitty the situation was.
"you're flagrant misinterpretation..." he never really finished the sentence and what did follow had no logic.
it dawned on me that i was arguing with a wall. 
and after years of experience with that battle and realizing i had never won, i decided to end it with, "okay."
which i think was about all i could say.
i spent the next two days moving out and even though i am now commuting to work, i feel the slightest bit relaxed. 
saying goodbye was bittersweet. in the end, things will work out and i am going to try to leave it as water under the bridge. 
but sometimes the best way to salvage a friendship is to get out of the way.

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