Monday, February 11, 2008

tea and macaroons

in a few short days i will lose this friend of mine to another job.
for a long time i called her "jim's other assistant," but after a very tough year had passed and we had slowly become engrained into each other's lives, it effortlessly changed to "friend."
in recent months she has become a confidant, a support, a therapist, a flowing fountain of tranquility and zen amidst the very shark-infested hollywood waters (and yes, i am reveling in my clich├ęs)
we both have been through ugly break ups, moves, car accidents, stress-induced meltdowns and general frustrations with the job and with each other...all the while sitting no more than two feet across from one another.
the fact that we can call each other friends is pretty incredible at this point and not only do i see her as a friend, but she has become a really good one.
she knows more of my secrets than anybody else at this point.
had we met in any other way, i don't know if we would have become friends. 
we have different interests, different tastes, opposite personality traits...
define odd couple.
she is organized, intellectual and neat. she loves classical music and reading and painfully epic romantic films...
i think i may just look stupid next to her, but i'm going to go with it.
on my birthday last year, i asked for coronas and chips & guacamole.
for her going away party she has asked for tea and macaroons.
define classy.
we chit chat the day away getting ready for this incredible shift, but when i think about the next couple of days and the anxiety building up, it is not so much about all the work i will have to take on, but more about how the hell i am going to hold up without my friend, my partner sitting two feet away from me.
and though i am thrilled for her to move on and continue on her journey, there is the slightest bit of selfishness in me screaming, "damn you, smokehouse!"

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