Sunday, February 17, 2008

surfing the mountain

after a two hour drive
learning snow summit was sold out of lift tickets
parking in the lower lot of bear mountain 
standing in an astonishing shuttle line
followed by an equally astonishing lift ticket line
we finally got on the mountain. 
it felt like it could have been 60 degrees
the sky was clear, the sun was blazing, the snow was melting
"i should have brought my surfboard," a teenager clicks in before taking on rip turn
we take a few runs and finally set out to explore the other side of the mountain
we find the chair lift for exhibition
the top of the run reveals a spectacular view of the lake and an even better view of very few riders on this crowded Sunday
we hit it and the feeling comes back
the sound of the snow spraying behind me and then in front of me
the wind in my face
the freedom that speed gives you
the carving, the dance, 
it is my meditation.
my time to focus on just the task in front of me.
no blackberry vibrating, cell phone ringing, fires to put out or egos to anticipate
its just me and a mountain and i can't help but find the poetry in it.

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