Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunday afternoon adventure

i don't know where it came from, but today i went on a two hour bike ride totaling 20.6 miles.
at about 2:30 i sat up from an unsuccessful attempt at an afternoon nap and decided the day was too nice not to be outside.
the idea was to go on an adventure. i really wanted to see the beach today and at about 2:45 I set off.
at motor i said, "this is pretty good." but the light changed green so i kept going.
at sawtelle, i thought, "okay don't push it. this is good."
at centinela, i thought, "you might as well at this point."
and at wade, just as i was thinking, "this is crazy. at some point you will have to turn back...the temperature dropped."
i made it all the way to venice beach and it was alive.
so many people, performers, vendors, artists, protesters, graffiti artists...
it was exactly what i needed.
i cruised the boardwalk, gliding the line between the sand and the mayhem.
i biked past the sunday drum circle, past the volleyball games, eventually ending up at the santa monica pier where i watched some sailboats and some guys doing the rings.
another man practiced walking a tight rope and another one scaled the hanging rope that is at least twenty feet up.
it was like a circus but a lot more honest.
i call him.
"da-amn," he responds to my impressive trek.
"yeah, i don't know how i'm going to get back, but i guess i'll just do it."
later i will tell him that i don't know why i do these kinds of extremes. i will tell him that i just wanted an adventure.
i get back on my bike and head home. the wind is in my face, the sun on my cheeks and i feel free.
i am comforted in knowing that i can find an adventure anywhere if i just listen.
on the way home, my legs begin to shake at the red lights.
i can feel the muscles tightening, wondering what they have done wrong to deserve such punishment.
i get home and they are swollen. my face is the slightest bit sunburn and my wrists are sore from carrying the weight of my torso on the handles.
and i feel better than i have in a very long time.

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