Wednesday, February 20, 2008

stress & the shawshank redemption

i did not mean to fall asleep last night, but i think my nerves got the best of me.
i used to never think about stress and what that actually does to your body.
i guess i kind of felt the same way about stress as i did about vitamins.
it may effect you but how can you ever truly test it?
and now here i am with constant stomach aches and a series of doctors appointments i would have never considered two years ago.
i think the universe is trying to tell me something...correction. i KNOW the universe is trying to tell me something and has been for a very long time, but i kept turning the other cheek.
now my body is finally telling me that thing and its forcing me to shut up and listen.
i have always been very stubborn. so things the hard way, learn the hard way.
maybe after the next two days and all the anxiety of the next two days will force me to not put up such a fight in the future. 
maybe, jut maybe, i will be open to the idea that i am not invincible.
i watched the last 30 minutes of the shawshank redemption the other morning.
morgan freeman tells the guys at their lunch table, "every man has his breaking point."
amen, morgan. but don't you think every man has many fissures along the way?
define stress.
see crows feet.
andy dufraine spent 19 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit and climbed through 500 yards of shit to get his freedom.
i really have nothing to complain about.

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