Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the star

i open up one of the trillion yahoo accounts I created while drunk several years ago because I couldn't remember a password to my original account, and there is a slew of emails from facebook.
someone is requesting to tag many of my photos.
an activity spent while burning away work time is always welcome.
i open up my requests page and begin to confirm all these photo tags. 
i realize that i have an insane amount of pictures of her and her and i on my website.
she calls me.
"i haven't checked your blog all week."
"i'm catching up. missed five days."
"how do i become the star?"
"i want to be the star of one of your blogs."
i laugh.
"well, i'm sure you'll be all over it when i get to new york."
the connection breaks up.
i glance over the many pictures of us and i smile knowing exactly what my today's blog will be. 
she is the star of so many things for me- facebook, friendships, my future play...
and today she is the star of my blog. 
she calls me back. 
we chat in a language that i only have with her, especially in my alien world right now.
"you're coming so soon. that's so exciting."
i'm scared shitless, but when i hear her say that it takes the edge off.
there is a sisterhood there that i cannot explain. but she is the kind of person that fits into the very small category of who i would take a bullet for.
she is just that special and amazing of a human being.
we hang up shortly after and my day is lifted, as dreams of dance and theatre and beers in a new york pub take me away from the computer screen burning holes in my retinas. 

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