Friday, February 1, 2008

not my duck, not my bottle: the importance of not helping people in a political environment

define sanity.
today someone told me a precious little proverb:
a man is trying to find the answer to a question so he goes to a man who gives him a duck and a bottle.
the man says, "take this duck and put it into this bottle without killing. "
so the guy thanks him, takes it and tries all night to get the duck in the bottle.
he comes back to the guy and says, "this is impossible."
the guy tells him again, "get this duck in this bottle and you will find the answer to all of your questions."
the guy goes home and tries again. 
another day passes and he realizes something. 
he takes the duck and the bottle back to the man and says, "hey, this isn't my duck and this isn't my bottle."
the man congratulates him, "you finally figured it out."

sound advice. 
i find that every couple of years i relearn the same lesson.
but today i'm hoping it sunk in.
"never go out of your way to help someone in a political environment. it will somehow always come back to bite you."
"can  i write this all down?
"i only give it to people i care about. the rest are are on their own."
we get down to business. and it dawns on me why i have stayed around as long as i have. 
i am still learning.
and though it is time to move on, it brings me a little peace in knowing that no time spent in this job has been wasted, even at the very end. 
define growth.
i come back to my father's words, "make your decisions with courage."
it feels like maybe i can finally detach with love from a place that has been both nurturing and restricting, demanding but forgiving. 
love, cherish, move forward.
and perhaps that is the true first step in letting go of anything.

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