Tuesday, February 26, 2008


am i really almost all caught up?
note to self- don't ever fall off the blog writing wagon again.
change, change, change...
so much happening in the air.
i hear bob dylan crooning in my head.
i can almost feel the wind of the open road on my face
bugs on the windshield
maybe getting through half of my iPod and maybe half of his mp3 player.
feeling the surf underneath my feet already.
not running away, but running towards.
oh to be young...
i can taste the many soups i will have as meals in my future
i can see what the seasons changing will look like
i can feel the fear creeping in...but it feels different this time.
"i feel like i'm jumping into a big black hole"
"its alright. i got a flashlight."
cheers to the flashlight.

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