Tuesday, February 19, 2008


we ate our tickets to big bear and decided to sleep in and get ready for the big move.
the day was full of trash bags and good will bags, a useless trip to buffalo exchange, two trips to the office and a script for weekend read. none of this is that interesting.
but in the middle of it, we stepped outside and decided to have a southern lunch at the farmers market.
shrimp po boy for him, jambalaya for me.
"this'll get you ready for jazz fest."
and for a second i drift off to the wildest part of my imagination.
music, sweat, heat, spicy cajun food, a beat in my heart and a tap in my foot and i am excited by the idea of my pending freedom. 
i ask him how his sandwich is.
"pretty good, but it needs another scoop or two of shrimp. in new orleans they put so much shrimp in there, you can't even close the sandwich."
i hear the cicadas.
when carmen and i drove through the south a couple years ago, i remember writing a love  letter to memphis. the sounds, the smells, the feel...
i remember thinking how i wanted to stay there for a while, maybe try living there just to see...
i add more hot sauce to my bowl of jambalaya and we enjoy our lunch with visions of new orleans melting on our taste buds.

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