Sunday, February 17, 2008

homework passes

i sink into him after a long hard day of eulogies and barbeque chicken
i start to fall asleep and it feels like it will be the best sleep i've had in 3 months.
i shake awake.
"are we going to fall asleep right now?"
he nods, halfway there himself.
"i can't. all the lights are on and i have to do my blog."
"aw. alright."
i stop myself and realize what i have done. 
i sink back in his chest and let myself go, allowing myself to take this night and maybe this weekend to be completely selfish.
i don't know exactly when this blog became homework, but its the good kind. the self reflecting kind. the kind that made you think rather than repeat. 
but for right now, i will use some saved up homework passes.

1 comment:

sara said...

i so know how that feels - it's late and you're tired and you wonder when you became your own teacher; enforcer of your own rules.

it's one time when being stubborn comes in handy.