Tuesday, February 5, 2008

file under thank you

"it sounds like you have some direction which it doesn't seem you've had for a while," she delicately strings the sentence together and i think i have heard all of her words, but in recounting i have to think hard if those words were the exact ones she used. 
either way, i know exactly what she meant and something about it is very comforting.
it is nice to hear it coming from her.
for as complex or as simple as i may see myself, she has always had a way that made me feel as if she understands my plight in an effortless way.

i tell her how crazy i am about him and she tells me, "THAT is exciting."
and it makes it all the more thrilling. 
we don't talk often but when we do, the conversations stay with me.
i can't remember a single conversation i had with any of my friends at work last week, but i can recall all of the times this friend of mine and i  have sat down and taken the time to really talk to each other.
she is good at being honest with me and for that i will cherish the friendship i have.
she was the first to tell me an old boyfriend was no good for me and one of the first to offer a girls night in after we broke up three years later.
there are people in our lives that come in at very specific moments and if we are quiet enough, they leave a whisper for eternity.

we sit at the same table we sat at almost a year ago, and i know i will keep this lunch with me for a long time.
our lives visibly different and yet both at a fork in the road just before our lives change drastically-hers a lot more than mine.
it is true what they say. she has a glow and that's when it dawns on me.
some little lucky person will get her undivided attention forever in a few weeks. 
they will get her honesty that i hold sacred. they will get her calmness that i love to be around. they will get her humorous perspectives on life. they will get all of her goodness times one trillion and i think, "they will get one hell of a mother."

i don't know when we will have our next lunch, but i know that i am already looking forward to it.

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