Saturday, February 2, 2008

the common cold

-"i feel like i have a train in my ears."
-"you should get some other cold medicine on your way home?"
-"no. it's a cold. i can't do anything about it."
-"i guess not."
-"with as sophisticated as we are, how come we can't find the cure for the common cold?"
-"because there's too much money in it."
-"too much money where?"
-"do you know how much money is made off cold medicine?"
-"yeah, but we spend money trying to find a cure for cancer, for aids, a cure for alzheimers," i don't know if i've really made my point.
-"the common cold still makes too much money. and everyone gets sick."
-"i think they just can't figure it out."
-"maybe. i'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist."
-"well, i don't have the energy to argue conspiracies."
-"i'm not trying to argue. its just how i was brought up to think."
-"what's that supposed to mean?"
-"nothin. its just my dad's kind of a conspiracy theorist, too. he says there's always some angle."
-"i still have a cold. and i still feel like shit."
he stays with me on the phone. he listens to my complaints. we argue about manners and food criticism interspersed with jests of defeat and victory for an argument that never really ends. we pass the time, but we pass it with each other. and i am thankful for his companionship in a way that is extra special when my nose is rubbed raw.
he calls again to say goodnight and urges me to go to bed. i don't put up much of a fight; partially because i am exhausted and partially because when he tells me what to do i know its because he cares. and something about his delicate commands brings me a comfort that makes the common cold just the slightest bit more tolerable, and way better than any other cold medicine.

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