Friday, January 25, 2008

the importance of taking a walk in the rain, especially in los angeles

i don't own a raincoat and I never have. 
born and bred in los angeles, i have never found the real need for one.
even the years i lived in new york or the times i lived in ireland, i never bought a raincoat.
the idea of it seemed tragic in the most melodramatic way.
the first morning i woke up in new york, the sky was gray and it was raining.
foolish los angeleno, i bundled up in my layers of cotton only to be unleashed into a deceiving
80 percent humidity, 90 degrees sweltering Manhattan.
Define naivete. 
i'd never experienced rain in the heat. it made the city feel like the most exciting place on earth where nothing was as it seemed. like magic. 
which may be part of the reason i romanticize that place more than any other.
the sky broke and the only break from the heat were the sprinkles of condensation dropping from the thousands of tired air conditioners outlining the buildings of New York City.
rain can transform a city. it can clean a city, washing it free from all of its indiscretions.
and in los angeles the indiscretions are maturing at a steady pace, nesting in every corner of the city.
rain in la always felt like finally you were given a brand new day. like the continuous monotony of 75 degrees and sunshine had numbed the feeling of a brand new day out of its inhabitants. 
rain was exciting. like the gray in the sky finally gave you a moment to feel all the colors on the inside. 
Define nostalgia.
sometimes i think i never bought a rain coat to catch up on all that magic...or maybe it was to dispose of my own indiscretions. either way, the wet clothes have always been worth it.

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