Thursday, January 31, 2008

the essence of charm

"our environment is in peril...."says the candidate to the country.
and i think, "peril...what a great word so often neglected."
and it is here where i find my achilles heel, my sweet spot, my unbuttoned fly.
she gives a flawless opening statement and i think, "she really knows her shit."
i know that she is  more experienced and i know that she is highly intelligent.
i know that she is more qualified for the job on every level. 
he begins to speak, and its....natural. 
he stutters, he takes his time, almost as if he has not memorized anything and he knows we will forgive him of that if it sounds more off the cuff.
he thanks the candidate they defeated, he thanks his competitor, he does all the right things but i am not convinced.
but when he speaks, he has a way of tying language together like a poet.
"our environment is in peril."
and i am won. not so much in my brain, but he speaks to my heart and in the end thats really all we have to go on. our nature. our gut. our instinct.
i tivo the debate because the streaming video will not work and it seems to cut out whenever he is speaking. 
i retreat and postpone the decision until i can watch it without buffering, determined to make a smart choice that is highly informed of both candidates platforms.
the truth is, they are both incredibly engaging....
but i know where my heart words.
i am moved.
i am hopeful.
i am charmed. 

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