Monday, January 28, 2008

the birds and the bees

she opens the door and i stand there armed with a 12 pack of dr. pepper for him and some stolen diet sodas for us. 
she has a glow about her that i've noticed more and more.
"are you wearing make up?"
"not more than usual, but i did try this new moisturizer."
she lets me in and within five minutes they offer me items from their home-
"oh, i have another bag of clothes for you,"
- or closet that they are trying to get rid of. 
they could sell the stuff they offer me, but they always ask if i would like it first.
it feels like family and i am immediately comfortable.
i ask if i can help with anything in the kitchen and as usual they say no.
"i am really into my new spatula," she holds up a bright blue spatula ready to mix her homemade chili.
there is a charm to this friend of mine that she has had since the moment i met here. 
she operates a bit like a song on a radio, humming along to the beat of her own tune...
and its probably some oldies station where even though people sing about the blues, every song has a bit of warmth and happiness, however ironic it may be.
we start our motors until our tongues tire and we make sure to get every ounce of pent up frustration onto the dining room table.
he comes and joins us somewhere in the middle-
the wise sage-
- an old soul among the static.
he has always had a calmness about him that attracts people to him like an old fashioned magnet, even though i know that is not what exists inside him.
he is the owner of one of the brightest smiles i have ever seen; the kind that changes your whole face and lights your eyes up the size of saucers.
he offers his priceless two cents whenever he can interject the two of us and we continue to make him forget his point.
"poor scottie...always having to listen to me chirp," she laughs at herself with her blue spatula in her hand and he laughs with her.
it strikes me that these two have their own radio station and they're the only two songs playing.
they offer me advice, the kind i only take from them, which at its core always comes from a place of making sure to love all people.
define compassion.
and i listen to these two buzz around each other-an electricity of their own -and it makes me incredibly grateful for the moments i get to spend with them.

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